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I'm Just Frustrated, Sweetie
Hurry up and get dressed
Your rooms a fucking mess
You never clean it up
Just like your life, it's so fucked up
Wash your own clothes, lazy ass
Your failing every class
You listen to loud music
I give you something and you loose it
Your the worst kid ever
And I wish I'd never had you
I can't take any more
Please make your Dad come and grab you
You always make annoying sounds with your mouth
Your grades are going south
And I can't wait to get you out of my house
Don't give me that sarcastic look
Or bad book specific hook
You can write a song
But with essays you take way too long
You never do your homework
And never come with me to church
You never finish anything
Or keep your fucking room clean
Your the worst kid ever
And I wish I'd never had you
I can't take any more
Please make your Dad come and grab you
You always make annoying sounds with your mouth
Your grades are going south
And I can't wait to get you out of my house
I'm always in the car
Your always chilling really far away
I tr
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 1 1
If Only I Was Taller...
There's something that I want, but its kinda hard to get
Its cause I am too shy and scared and not brave enough yet
I stare at it like a kid staring from the ground up
At a jar of cookies on the top shelf only reached by a grown up
The frustration in me causes my small fingers to spread
And I find the nearest thing so I can tear it into shreds
I wanted to throw a tantrum cause I couldn't  get what I wanted
And my stomach and mouth grumbed as the cookies sat up there and taunted
But now I know that if I reached for them, or stood on a chair against the wall
I would shake and wobble and lose my balance and fall and fall and fall
and fall and fall and fall and fall, or tip them over and spill them all
So now I eat what I can reach and wait till I am tall
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 1 1
You give me butterflies
Light refracting
from your smile
to me eyes
I keep my secret
in the back of my neck
and the palm of hand
Close yet far
I don't know
who you are
Something unsettling
about the way
you say your words
To others unheard
but to me
said clear
There is something
I am missing
To focused
on kissing
What I cant
I fear
I never will
But why is no one else?
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 1 0
I have this mutual feeling towards you
I think you are a Nazi
I may as well be a Jew
Although we do take turns
trading positions from time to time
You are the best and being the worst
Ordering work
You enslave me with your commands
Bent crooked over a hot oven
And the broken fan above me
Slashes me with dusty wind
In this concentration camp
You gas me with your flesh-melting
Intoxicating love
And my body spazzes and fights to run
While my mind and heart turn towards you
That someone who....
Will never stop loving me
Even when i am free
Of this sweet suffocating cloud
It will still linger on me
Don't go, but let me be
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 4 9
Love on the Distant Horizon
Love on the Distant Horizon
I watch from a distance.
I normally watch from a distance. Unless, of course, some mandatory group activity or accidental encounter forces me to get any closer. 
I'm not stalking- stalking involves getting up and following. I'm simply nervous, scared, unsure of how to approach.
And I don't want to be seen. I want to stay hidden, undercover. A scientist observing nature first hand. Nature is beautiful. Nature is dangerous. Nature is unpredictable. 
Nature has soft brown hair. 
Nature walks cooly down the hallway and greets his companions.
His very being seems to flood the closed space. Everyone knows he his there.
I know he is there. I can see it from where I hide, shaded by my own shyness towards the world. A part of the world undiscovered that I am too scared to approach. It stays, untouched, on the distant horizon, backlit by the sun but faintly glowing with the longing radiating from where I am watching from a distance.
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 3 1
Battery Queen by Kthejaybee3 Battery Queen :iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 0 0
The sun has set when I come home
To sit upon my wooden throne
Against a desert of the same style
Where items live in disarray
And the black lake sits center
Emiting light from beneath its screen
One touch of my hand on its keys
And I am connected to the world
I am opening a tree
Chopped and polished
Shoving items inside
They are foreign to plants
A white T, a pair of socks
My sky is fake, bumpy, white
There are no clouds, only stucco
And there are three suns hanging down
With rotating rays
I know the suns are not true to their name -
They do not burn me, so close to them
But if I do stare at them too long
My only wish is to see the one that is real
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 0 9
Beauty in Death by Kthejaybee3 Beauty in Death :iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 3 8 Skateboarding Cat by Kthejaybee3 Skateboarding Cat :iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 1 1 Now You See Me by Kthejaybee3 Now You See Me :iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 5 5
Preparations for the Night
Preparations for the Night
  We had been on our journey for two weeks when we reached the forest. I was thankful for the cover of the trees and the soft plush grass underfoot. Parker on the other hand flinched at every snap of a twig, missing the wide open spaces and skies of the desert. Chip and  Chadie brushed ahead with AJ trailing behind like a lost dog. When Chadie announced the sun was sinking and it was time to set up camp, Parker and I scouted out a small clearing with thick tall trees protecting us with over growing branches.
  The normal night routine commenced:  Lay out jackets in a big "community mattress" sort of form, turn backpacks over to use as pillows. Then, one of us would pull out the big raggedy blanket from Chips backpack, and we'd lay down on our jackets and spread it evenly between us.
  Being the only girl was certainly taking its toll on AJ, especially her sleeping habits. As much as she wanted the warmth of her companions, she preferr
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 0 1
Eye to Eye
He was sitting in the row across from her, two chairs up, wearing a brown shirt and flip flops that showed the bandages around the dog bite on his foot.
She was sitting in the row across from him, two chairs back, scribbling furiously until a decent drawing found its way onto her paper.
Both were bored sick, at least half the class unfinished with the test and at least an hour and a half left before break.
She was hungry. She looked back at her backpack with her lunch bag tied to the right strap. She had packed herself grapes this morning and was dying to eat them.
He tapped his pencil rapidly on his desk, ignoring the surfing magazine in front of him. He'd read it enough times.
She looked up at him absentmindedly, ears focusing on the hollow sound.
Tap tap. Tap tap. Tap tap. tap tap. T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t tap tap tap tap.
Over and over again.
She tapped her foot in time to his pencil.
He stopped suddenly and yawned, and at the slight movement of his head, she caught sight of something shiny
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 0 5
On The Tympani by Kthejaybee3 On The Tympani :iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 3 0 Helioptile and GoGoat by Kthejaybee3 Helioptile and GoGoat :iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 4 1
The Apology
[Verse 1]
I am waiting for a sincere apology to form
Inside my head
Laying on the bandwagon with my arms wide open
Stretched end to end
There's something rude and hidden
Buried inside what
I have said
If I had realized
When I had thought it
I wouldn't have let that message send
I'll have you know that if I could go back
And say something else
That I would
And I'd say sorry a million more times
If it would do any good
[verse 2]
There's someone far away on the other side
Who wants to hold your hand
If I had someone far away
Reaching out to me
I'd know what to do
I try my best to comprehend
How it feels
Sometimes I don't understand
And when I finally have that one
Reaching out
I'll know what to do
But for now... I'm sorry
I'll have you know that if I could go back
And say something else
That I would
And I'd say sorry a million more times
If it would do any good
[Verse 3]
I picked this song
To put on your album
And remind you of my flaws
No ones lives their life
:iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 0 7
Surfs Up! by Kthejaybee3 Surfs Up! :iconkthejaybee3:Kthejaybee3 2 2


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  • Listening to: The Quiet Thing That No One Ever Knows, Brand New
  • Reading: Lord of the Flies/Oedipus
  • Eating: Nutella
something is wrong with my computer and it wont let me reply to comments :(( If you have some kind words, or feed back, or things like that, please note me :D That is all


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The Jaybee
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Welcome to my page of stupidity! :3
Hola, my name is Jaybee.
Current Residence: The middle of no where

I'm going to make this really long so you get lazy and don't read all of it :D

Well, I'm Jaybee. I'm the girl that everyone is scared of at first, but tend to like me once they get to know me. I'm kinda short, with a head of untamable, curly black hair that I usually hide under a beanie. I like jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flannels. Nothing to flashy or fancy. Im pretty strong for a girl, but they didn't want me on the football team because of girl stereotypes. I like the outdoors, but I can appreciate the inside if theres actually stuff to do. I keep my friends close. I excel in English and science, I'm suprisingly in the middle with math, and I think social studies is a retarded and useless subject. I guess I'm your average student, all though I'm definitely not your average person, ya know? The weirdest things about me are I like to burn stuff, and I'll chew on just about anything non-toxic.

As for my hobbies, I love writing. I write songs, stories, stanzas, essays, plays, scripts, paragraphs, poems, etc. But mostly songs and stories. I don't enter my work in a lot of contests because I don't take criticism very well, and sometimes my writing has a deeper meaning and is very personal. But, as much as I practice writing, I am a horrible speller!
I'm an artist. My favorite color is green!! I'll draw just about everything except for people and cars. I dunno, I just don't like that stuff. I draw animals and fan art and album covers the most. My tools of the trade are usually a pencil, colored pencils, a sharpie, or all three. I'm a sketch-ink-color kind of person, and I haven't really figured out my style yet.
I'm a musician!!! I play (from best to worst) Trumpet, French horn, percussion, guitar... And some others I can't think of right now. I can sorta write music, but mostly I just stick to sheet. I like to sing, but I'm terrible, and I sound like a guy cause I'm a tenor. But that doesn't stop me... Most of the times...

My other interests include reading, playing outside, adventuring, and just plain having fun!

Please watch mah frens
:iconlive-as-the-wolf: :iconnoiledluv:

So, if you endured all that, good for you! Here's an imaginary muffin :la:


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I dunno, just for fun. It shows you appreciate my art :3
I'm also saving up for a dA artist bag!!

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